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i probably have bad credit, i’m 19. I don’t even have a credit card just a free-checking account bank card.

since i’ve never had to purchase anything big like this, what will i need to have to rent an apartment?

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    that's the truth
    February 7, 2014 at 9:47 am

    you’re in a PRIMO POSITION!!!

    if you don’t have a credit card at all, and assuming you’ve never purchased an apartment or house, why do you think you’ve got bad credit?

    renting an apartment is an excellent way of starting on the right road to establishing a good credit history. the key is to pay your rent on time, pay off any credit cards (you may get in the future) at the end of every month.

    using cash/debit cards only develops very good financial habits but you do need to build up a credit history by either using (and paying off every month) a credit card, taking out a mortgage (if you buy a place) and not missing any payments, paying car payments when you buy a car, and perhaps even just getting a store credit card (from a large store chain, like walmart or something).

    it’s by paying off these cards on time, consistently, that you develop a good credit rating. if you don’t pay them off, you then develop a bad one. if you never get a credit card or mortgage or pay rent, you won’t have a credit rating and, trust me, you’ll need one (a good one) down the road at some point.

    if you’ve never had any of these cards or a mortgage (i’m guessing you haven’t), you’re in a superb position to start off well. this will pay back BIG TIME down the road when you wish to borrow money from a bank as a loan or a mortgage.

    as far as renting an apartment… all you need to do is make sure you pay the rent on time every month. that’s it.

    great advice for you from the pros.

    good luck to you.

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