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I used to tan almost daily in at a salon. I had a baby and decided I wanted to grow old with him and be healthy and I am now looking into the route of spray tanning at home.
I have decided to purchase a Viatek IBOD airbrush gun.
It uses any tanning liquid so I am wondering what is the best liquid to buy? I prefer one that brings out skins natural color. I don’t want to be orange people! I also don’t want to spend a fortune.
Thanks in advance!!!

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    November 7, 2011 at 8:40 am

    It is amazing how a baby can change our lifestyle, isn’t it. Yeah, tanning is very dangerous and I am glad you realize that. Besides, for the great look of being tanned now, you risk looking old and aged before your time.

    In as much as tanning liquids will help you avoid those harmful bulbs to tan your skin, think about what the heck is in that tanning liquid that is powerful enough to change your skin color. Are you exchanging burning your skin with lights for absorbing potentially dangerous chemicals which can cause cancer later on?? Think about that. Your skin is your biggest organ and if you go spraying it with chemicals, there is no telling what the side effects will be in years to come.

    Think about that. Is a fake tan worth all of that?

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