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I am considering on buying a few homes and i want to rent them out and collect Section 8 for each house and I am wondering by doing this, will this make my properties a HUD Home? And if so, what are the negatives of doing this? Also, what would be the conditions & terms if I wanted to sell the houses in a year or so? Please help because I am very close to making these purchases for the Section 8 rental income…

1 Thought on If I rent a house that i purchase and collect Section 8 does that make my house a HUD Home?
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    July 26, 2011 at 8:59 am

    No, HUD owns HUD homes, they rent them out, maintain them, etc.

    They are used by very low income, felons, drug addicts, etc, the people not suitable to live in a section 8 home which is in a normal neighborhood.

    You will just have section 8 rentals.

    Section 8 will dictate the rent you can charge, and inspect the properties once a year, verify your insurance, etc. While you can sell them the leases go with them and section 8 tenants have to have 12 month leases, they are never month to month.

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