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You are mandated to have auto insurance, and home owners insurance, and now in some places rental insurance..Everyone does it..Well most everyone..So if your ok with that mandate why are you opposed to a health insurance mandate that would guarantee everyone gets care..

Say you were walking down the street, and we actually trip over each others feet. Not knowing whos fault it was. We both break our leg..You having insurance gets to go the hospital have temporary set. go to a orthopedic have it casts, follow-up care, and then therapy. If I was uninsured I too would go to the hospital with temp set, and that would be the end of my treatment. Why is this ok to you?

I say this because I was without insurance for a bit, and actually broke my wrist. They told me to hold it stilll for three months even when I was sleeping..NO cast No splint..That is not possible. I bought a splint at the store, and wore it for three months and it never healed right..All because I had not insurance and a cast and follow-up care would have been over 2500.00 up front…
Some people cannot get health coverage period, and some people who have had a bad illness are priced out of all plans its not that they aren’t willing to buy it they can’t. So if everyone gets care why are you so angry about it..its as if you think you are better than someone else.
Yes alpine insurance would only be required if you have a soul and beating heart. I think most of you could get out of it *winning*

4 Thoughts on If car insurance is a mandate, and home owners insurance why are people so against a healthcare mandate?
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    September 1, 2011 at 6:06 am

    You dont have to have car insurance if you dont have car. Driving a car is a PRIVILAGE-FAIL
    You dont have to have homeowners insurance at all. Its not a requirement-FAIL

    Oh and States are the ones that require auto insurance-DOUBLE FAIL

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    Alpine junkie
    September 1, 2011 at 6:38 am

    Car insurance is only required if you own a car. Home owners insurance isn’t even required.

    Health insurance mandated doesn’t give you an option whatsoever. The government forcing you to buy something is against the constitution.

    As Primo said, FAIL!

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    September 1, 2011 at 7:28 am

    Well said. I actually know someone who tore up both his knees. He found
    a state program that paid most of the cost for surgery and HE IS STILL OPPOSED
    to mandated insurance. Go figure. People are cheap and self-centered and don’t
    give a crap about anyone else.

    How do you get a mortgage without homeowners insurance? Do these posters think
    the banks are idiots? You can’t by a car on credit without full coverage.

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    Silas G
    September 1, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Your rant is overshadowed by the fact that car and homeowner’s insurance aren’t mandates.

    The problem is that your argument boils down to “the government thinks that this is a good idea that will save the public money in the long run, therefore it ought to be a law”. No civil liberty can be guaranteed against that line of thinking.

    What other kinds of insurance are we going to be required to buy? I mean, there’s no end to the things that might happen to a person. Every one of those things might cost us even more than the $ 2500 up front that you had to pay! We should insure against every one of them! Maybe we should just do away with money entirely and just issue different kinds of insurance to people.

    Yes, that’s ridiculous. That’s the point, your premise isn’t realistic or even sensible.Demanding people buy anything they can’t afford, especially insurance, is simply wrong, and no personal anecdote about how your life might have been better therefore there should be a sweeping law for everyone is going to change that simple fact.

    The reason we tax based on income in this country is because it’s the most fair thing we could come up with. A flat $ 700 at the end of the year is not affordable to a lot of people, and is just one piece of evidence that the bill was not carefully thought out. Read through the rest of it sometime.

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