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unit and thus did not turn in any of the income of the people illegally living there, is the landlord required to turn this over to hud..that is if a tenant reported someone had 3 more people living there than on the lease and everyone in the complex is require to sign legal documents that they swear are true statements, must the management report this..if the person is thrown out for other reasons (too loud etc) can te apartment complx iognore the legal fraud violations the person committed. would the landlord get in trouble with hud if someone had a copy of a complaint letter that stated reason why the neighbor suspected more than one person lived there and later turned a copy of this letter to HUD, would the landlord get in trouble and could the person then be investigated if they had since moved for other violations.
INTERESTING EDIT I called HUD to find out and this is what they told me
They would not usually have to pay it back (the money the government paid for the woman’s rent that these men living there rent free did not have to pay) they would not do anything to them as far as prosecute them for a crime unless it involved hundreds of thousands of dollars..they consider it too petty

What would happen usually is one of three things

1. the landlord would give them a warning and they would have ten days to get the people out or to get all their income and documentation to live there through the normal channels (ie–provide police record, credit check etc)

2. ban them from the HUD program (which means they would if they did not get evicted have to pay the full rent)–generally the ban would only be at that project but sometimes at others

3, evict them if they had enough evidence of lease violations after they found out the people were really living there(like they might do an inspection
and see if men’s clothes were there), require them to show their utility bills and stuff from where they did live, or hire a PI.

they said when you contact HUD with a fraud complaint they contact the management and then they do one of the above three this makes it easy to cheat with no real penalties..

2 Thoughts on if a landlord discovers someone lied on a government section 8 form about the numbner of people living in the?
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    August 20, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Fraud on any government contract puts everyone involved at a legal risk. The landlord could lose his Section 8 rental dealings.

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    howie r
    August 20, 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Everyone would get in trouble, everyone would get investigated including the person that snitched them out.

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