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My husband and i spent a day in Florida followed by a 4 day cruise in the Bahamas… We were on the beach for maybe 2 hours and it was a lil brezzy but 80 degrees… We got back on the ship and were feelin a bit tired so we took a 30 min nap… When i woke up and stood up my heart was racing and i was shaking uncontrollably…. I told my husband we should see the doctor onboard… he said no just drink lots of water…(of which i bearly drank any of that whole day) So after about 30 mins of drinking lots of water my heart rate started to slow down to normal… I was scared to sleep later that night so i was up on and off the whole night and was still shivering….. The next morning was our departure day and we had a 24hr drive home to Wisconsin from Florida and i felt fine… Other then being tired cuz i bearly slept the night before….. I read alot of articles on Sunstroke and it had alot of other symptoms of which i didnt have… all i had was the rapid heart rate, shanking and my back and back of my legs are sun burned…. Its been about 2 days now and i still feel fine but some of the articles i read said that 6 or 7 days later people have died from internal complications..such as the liver shutting down and such ( im assumin those were serious cases)….. My question is since i only had a sunburn, shaking and an increased heart for about 30 mins should i see a doctor?????? I didnt have big pupils, i wasnt throwing up, i didnt loose concesiousness, i didnt pass out, I dont have insurance so id rather not but i dont want to be killin over in a few days….. Should i be worried?????

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    Ryan H
    August 17, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Had heat and sun stroke before,,, not fun!
    Drink something with alot of electrolites in it, ie; gatorade, smart water, if you feel light headed or have diarreah, cold sweats still after drinking gatorade and water for the next 4-6 hours, you should atleast call a Dr. for more info. Take a cool shower, try not to cover up with blankets, your internal temperature could rise and put you in a coma, or organ failure, or death.

    Good luck,,, hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!!

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