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Well me and my boyfriend have been dating for a year and 3 months on this 22nd of November. Hes always smoked pot. and i was fine with him smoking a bit once in a while, Were teenagers ya know? We like to have fun. butt anyways he started smoking a lot more. like everyday he would sluff school to go smoke, and lunch he would go smoke. well i started to get mad and stuff with him. and i hate being around him high because of the way he is. and i told him Do not come around me high. and he always does now.. Whenever were fighting he always comes to my house and he knows i cant stay mad at him and i forgive him. well Today was really bad. i had my wisdom teeth taken out Friday and i didn’t go to school all week, because im really swollen and he came to see me a couple times. butt anyways This guy i know was texting me and telling me my boyfriend left school with two girls. Well my boyfriend never told me this so i asked him and all he said was there lying, well i kept asking and asking, well finally he told me the truth and well i flipped out, He’s been smoking every day this week. so i told him he was done smoking weed for a while and i meant it. He said well OK whatever so i thought OK he is listening, well he’s suppose to come over and hang out with me. and he said babe im going to sell a 40 sack to get my money back and then ill come over and we can talk and shit this out. so i was like wow whatever after i just flipped out on you your going to do that?and i was mad and then i got a text saying im sorry im such a pot head but im smoking and ill come over, and i got mad and flipped out again. what i wanna know is what should i do? i want him to stop smoking pot period but i know he wont do that. but what should i do? Stay mad at him even if he sucks up? or what? i just need some sort of advice. This kid that told me the info wants to go to a movie and see jackass 3d and just not tell my boyfriend for payback. I want too but i don’t think its right? What should i do? i don’t want to break up with him. I love him to much and i just want to help. i just need to know what to do?

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    October 25, 2011 at 3:35 am

    YOU can’t tell your man that HE is done smoking Pot. Because that will just make it worse.
    Explain why you dont want him to do it, then let him choose.
    It may be best for you to get over him, and move on.
    The other dude involved sounds like a NARC or a tattle tale, and just wants to get with you.

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    October 25, 2011 at 3:59 am

    first off, going to a movie with another guy as payback really isnt going to help. and sadly, if you think your boyfriend has a problem with smoking, it isn’t going to just go away. he’s going to need to get help, and he needs to want it. taking him back and forgiving him everytime he smokes after you tell him not to lets him know that he can get away with it, so he isnt going to stop. you need to stand up for how you feel and tell him youll leave him if he doesnt stop. if he chooses weed over you, then …. that’ll suck but youll be better off. there are guys out there who youll like a lot more who wont treat you this way. good luck.

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