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Alright, so this guy and I started talking on myspace. (He’ve been talking almost non-stop for like 3-4 months) Usually I don’t wanna meet people from myspace but this guy and I talked like every single day for a loooong time. I’m 20, btw, and he was 22.

Well finally we decided that we wanted to meet. One day he said he wanted to pick me up and take me to six flags so we could spend a day together. (I’m having some money issues right now) But I told him no because I didn’t want him to have to spend all that money on me. But we were planning on a weekend that we could get together and hang out once I saved enough money so we could go out out to eat and have a good time. He lived in Virginia btw, I live in Maryland, but only about an hour away.

Well THEN he tells me that he was really sick with cancer. He didn’t go into much detail with it, but he said he was taking like some kind of pills to fight the cancer, I think radiation pills? I don’t know, I’m not the brightest crayon in the box so don’t take my word for it.

Next thing I know, he’s in the hospital. Won’t tell me where cause he said he didn’t want me to come visit him (cause of the way he looked I guess) or send him stuff.

Then about 20 days later he passed away, sadly. September 23rd. I found out from his best friend Brian. The thing is, there’s NO records of this guy anywhere, it’s almost like he didn’t exist and I feel HORRIBLE thinking this way because it feels like I’m degrading his name by saying he didn’t exist. Bit it does seem like he either wasn’t a real person or he’s also his friend Brian, if that makes sense, like 2 in the same. I look him up on google, nothing, I keep calling his phone and it keeps ringing. It’s been Over 10 days now! Wouldn’t his phone be dead by now, or SOMEONE had picked up? Then I asked his friend Brian to tell me where the viewing/funeral was and he said his mom said she didn’t want me there cause she didn’t know me and it didn’t seem appropriate, yet there were about 120 people supposedly at his funeral!? Then I asked his friend where he was buried and he said he was cremated and that his ashes would be spread in Hawaii since that was his favorite place. And when I talk to Brian online, they seem so much a like, like they have the sane humor and what not…it still feels like the guy I came to know on myspace, even though there are still some differences. And so I asked Brian to send me one of those cards that you get from funerals and he said he couldn’t cause the mom had “brochures” made but he’s send me one of those instead. Then I asked Brian to give me his friends mothers address so I could send her some flowers and a letter, but he said she said that when he asked her for the address she said he already knew where she lived and that’s all that he needed to know, and hung up on him.

She’s kinda bitter with him right now because the guy I was talking to on myspace left EVERYTHING that belonged to him to Brian…for whatever reason. His death hasn’t even been logged in the death records yet, or whatever they’re called. I’m so confused and it’s scaring me! And then all of his friend on myspace (I started asking around trying to get more info about what happened) and it seemed like nobody even really knew him. Some people said they had talked to him before but has never actually met. That’s just weird to me seeing as how 120 people were supposedly at this funeral that I couldn’t even go to. And he was a homeowner of a very beautiful newly built house…yet he wasn’t listed in the white pages at all as a homeowner.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that…
1.) Him and his friend Brian are playing a VERY cruel joke on me.
2.) Brian and this guy are one in the same…for whatever creepy reason.
3.) This guy never existed…although that wouldn’t make much sense to me seeing as how we talked for MONTHS priot to him passing away.
4.) He was real and I’m just in denial and a jerk for thinking he didn’t exist.

But all these weird clues don’t add up! What do you think? Does something sound fishy here? I hope I’m not the only one who thinks so. What do you think? Sorry about the long rant.

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    Rad ☮ Kid
    July 19, 2011 at 4:27 am

    sounds like they are the same person.

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