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the name of the company is Harford Financial, and i just can’t tell if their “real” or “fake”… i don’t know how to do a IP trace or anything. Has anyone heard of them before?

1 Thought on i need help… i’m thinking about getting a loan from this company, and i can’t tell if their “real” or not.?
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    Bostonian In MO
    January 6, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    A quick Google search does not reveal a SINGLE link to anything by that name that would remotely appear to be a legitimate loan company. There are a few investment advisers and a number of lenders under the HarTford name, but nothing under Harford.

    If you are communicating via e-mail, assume that it is a fraud. There are thousands of fraudulent loan companies operating all over the globe, so much so that the ONLY place that you should seek a loan is from your local brick-and-mortar sources such as banks, credit unions and (horrors) payday loan stores.

    Any “lender” using a throw-away e-mail address such as:

    is a fraud. PERIOD. Legitimate companies NEVER use e-mail addresses on domains where any idiot can create an account in 2 minutes from anywhere on the planet.

    Any lender who asks for up-front fees for processing, taxes, etc. is a FRAUD. Advance fee loans are ILLEGAL virtually everywhere. (Mortgage lenders can ask for application and credit report fees up front, but at your request these must go into escrow until the loan closes.)

    If the firm gives you a phone number in Canada, especially in the Toronto, Ontario area, it’s a FRAUD.

    If you cannot do a reverse number lookup (most phone listing sites such as can do them) then it’s a FRAUD. If you can do a reverse lookup and the address is a PO Box or other drop box (UPS store, etc — check address listings for multiple addressees at the same address) then it’s a FRAUD.

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