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Both are single family homes, one is in Watauga the other in N Ft Worth.
No claims history, sweetheart. No credit issues either. My residence is covered by AAA-Texas who does not write rental dwelling units.

1 Thought on I need an insurance agent to write to rental dwelling policies in Tarrant Co., TX?
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    August 19, 2011 at 4:49 am

    And the reason the agent that writes your primary coverage won’t write the rentals, is . . .???

    Rental dwellings are the absolute dregs in the insurance world. From an agent’s point of view, it is the most work, for the least pay, and generates the most claims and policy maintenance (late payments, questions, complaints, etc).

    If you have a claims history issue, or the properties are vacant, unoccupied, etc, that makes it even harder.

    When I was writing personal lines, and people called me for stand-alone rental properties, one or two family units, I just told them “no thank you”. Your agent that writes the GOOD stuff – the house you live in, your car insurance – should be the one you’re going to, to write the JUNK stuff. If that agent isn’t capable of writing insurance for your junk, then you need to move your ENTIRE account, to another agent.

    Having said that, Texas does have a FAIR plan. It has limited coverage, but they WILL write the “bottom of the barrel” dregs type properties that no other insurance company will touch. You STILL have to have the property in reasonable repair. ANY LICENSED AGENT in Texas, can submit a FAIR plan application.

    You can also look to see if you can find a Foremost agent near you – – Foremost WILL write a stand alone rental property – although you might have a hard time finding a Foremost agent willing to write it, without writing the REST of your account.

    **Right, they don’t write rentals, because rentals are highly labor intensive, high claims, and very low profits. They don’t write it, because they don’t want to BOTHER writing it. AAA Texas CAN submit an ap to the TX Fair Plan – IF THEY WANT TO. They don’t WANT to. You need a new agent.**

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