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and he takes me to live in a small village.i have 2 kids. but i fell really depressed here.only old people are here or small kids .i must drive kids to a school by car and drove 5 miles away to i am thinking to leave this place soon.i love bigger cities where i can go out with my kids and friends.people criticized me in a this village for i driving my car to fast and i said them to shut up.they thinks that i want kill someone.they are wrong.i just want to say that women know to drive better a car than men especially young this area lots of young people died in a car crash and the real reason is young drivers.i dint like when someone criticized me if he don’t have a reason.if we have a problem we shout to each other me and hubby and people like to listen .why they behave Thait they want to know everything about my life and when i going out to a village they dont say hello.they dont understand anything sitting at home and looking around your opinion?

1 Thought on i live in a small village.i am from a big city but my ex hubby sold a nice flat without asking me?
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    November 1, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    I’m from a big city too and there is no way I could live in a small village, not that there is anything wrong with it. On the other hand, village people could not survive in big cities too. How can you go on with you life when you’re miserable every minute of it. People need to breathe their own air to survive and accomplish, yours is metropolitan.

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