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I have REALLY wanted a kitty for quite a while now. My grandma has one, and my mom doesn’t particularly care for it. It can be mean/grumpy, it claws furniture, and it hates our dogs (we have two, one it a big puppy who’s a year old, and one is really small and two years old). So basically, my mom doesn’t want a cat because she’s had bad experiences with my grandmas.

I tried to tell her that if we got a kitten and raised it with our dogs, it wouldn’t hate our dogs, and that it won’t claw the furniture and such, but she still doesn’t approve. For my birthday (early Feb) my best friend is buying me a kitten. I know my mother will let me keep it, or god, at least I pray, and we already have the whole thing planned out. But I have a few questions.

One, will the kitten get along with my dogs as long as I control them around it? (especially the big puppy, but I know how to control her)
Two, will the kitten scratch my mothers furniture? What do we do if it does? I’ve heard of this bitter apple stuff that keeps animals away from furniture, but I think that’s only for chewing… and of course we can buy a scratching post, but I want to make sure the kitty only uses that.
Three, I heard if you rough-house with a kitten a lot, it can be mean/aggressive as it grows bigger and older. Is this true? (not that I’m going to be rough-housing a lot with my kitty), but of course we’ll play. I want to make sure it turns out really sweet, though.
Four, whenever I hold kittens in the pet shops, they claw my shirt as I’m trying to give them back. Is this something that they normally do? When my grandmas cat walks on me, I feel each step it takes with its sharp nails on my leg, but when my friends cats walk on me, I don’t really feel anything. Howcome my grandmas cat walks with it’s nails out and the other ones don’t?

Also, in order to prevent that ‘cat smell’, I should probably empty the cat box every day, right? My friend suggested an automatic one, but said that her cats are afraid of it. Would you recommend one?

Finally, as I still go to school, and my mother works, no one will be home from 8-2ish (school hours). Is this okay? What do you think the cat will do when I’m gone? Sleep? I know they sleep a lot anyways… but what if it finds ‘other ways’ to occupy itself? Destructive ways. My dogs stay outside while we’re gone, but that cat will definitely be an inside kitty. I read somewhere not to give your cat the whole run of the house at first, but rather to keep it in my room instead. Why’s this? And when I leave in the morning, should I shut my door?

I know this is a lot of questions, but I’m really nervous about becoming a new kitten owner. 🙂 I’m so excited, and I want to learn all I can before actually taking a life into my hands and being responsible for it. I want to be prepared completely so that my mother will have to accept it!
She would either be kept in my mothers bathroom or my room.

Would she destroy anything in my room, such as my covers, wooden furniture, ect?
I need to know what to expect and how to kitty-safe my room. Should I leave lots of toys or things to occupy her with? Also, my bed is really tall, about to my mid-thigh. I have stairs for the dogs, but is this safe for the new kitten? Haha sorry to sound like a dork, but I’m super curious.
I would never purchase a pet from a pet shop.


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    Suzie Q
    June 26, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    1) i dunno, it depends on the dog and the cat

    2) yeah it will probably scratch, but you can help by clipping the nails, but make sure you do it right, so the kitty isnt hurt. please DO NOT declaw, its traumatic for the kitty

    3)just dont rough house. Play with it with a shoelace and it should be pretty happy.

    4) only the younger babies usually do that, so if it does, that should only last a little while. try sitting down before you put it down, so it feels safer closer to the ground. Not sure about the other one, my cats dont walk with their nails out.

    You dont HAVE to empty the litter box every day, since its just one little kitten, but clean it out a few times a week at least.

    The kitten should be fine when you are at school, but it probably would be better to keep it in one room while you are gone. It may sleep, but it also may destroy stuff. Keep it in the room with the litter box AND food and water. just keep them available all day. ALSO, try to get the kitten on a friday, so it will have all weekend to get used to your house.

    Well you should close the door to the room you’re keeping it in. I actually would recommend a large bathroom, because there is less in there to destroy, plus it probably would have tile floors, which are easier to clean. Just make sure to close the toilet and put a stopper in the bathtub drain.

    If you do use a bedroom then the kitten should probably be able to jump right onto the bed. be sure that you will be able to get it out of any space it may hide in though.

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    June 26, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    GOODNESS…you have a LOT of questions… not just A question, dear heart!

    You might start doing some READING UP on cat/kitten behavior. Your library should have some good resources that can answer many of these questions, and more. You can also go to your local humane society shelter and ask them questions.

    Might I STRONGLY suggest that if you are planning this “Birthday Kitten” WITHOUT your mother’s knowledge AND approval, you just forget the idea! It is simply NOT RIGHT to force a live animal on your mother without her knowledge or permission. And if she refuses, your friend is going to have to take the kitten back… do you really want to have to make your friend DO this?

    IF your mother okay’s the “deal,” I would also STRONGLY suggest that the kitten be obtained at your local shelter, or a shop like “Pet Smart” that has ADOPTABLE animals, rather than “for sale” animals. These animals come from local shelters, too. Another good source of pets to adopt is the vets’ offices or animal hospitals. Many of them have bulletin boards where animals up for adoption are listed. PLEASE DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THESE “kitten mills” by BUYING a kitten.

    There are many good educational resources online, too. You can start reading at the links below.

    Me… kittyslave23… I know my place.

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    June 26, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    well every cat is different and has their own personality altho some breeds have a few different habbits then others but mostly all cats are the same, here a few things that cats do and why they do it at this site:
    but….as for ur peticular questions
    1. kittens can get used to dogs yes but it becomes hard to do if your dogs try play or attack them, the cat thinks it is in danger and goes on the defensive. you can find cats in animal shelters already used to dogs.

    2. some cats do try to scratch furniture even with a cat post some time if they do they require training there is also this site:

    3. as long as you are loving to you cat even with a lil rough play they will not become aggressive, if your dogs are hyper they could also make your cat aggressive.

    4. its pretty normal for any kitten, small kittens enjoy the comfort and security they get from being held and do not like being torn away from it.

    Finally. cats sleep 16 hours a day in short naps and are quiet independant and don’t mind being left alone altho you’ll want at least a few toys. in many cats minds we are the pets and they are the owners so most of them are not very clingy. cats are just fine all by them selves and know how to entertain them selves.

    cats are ez to care for for the most part and most are very loving but will ussualy come to you when they want attention but also learn to watch them and learn what they want from the way they act becuase they are creatures of habbit….like for example: waking you up at the same time every morning. hope this hlps theres tons of info on the net out there for you.

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    June 26, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    1] Your kitten may or may not get along with your dogs. It may take some time to train your kitten. But dogs love to chase after kitten and stuff so i guess it depends..but as long as you teach them to get along you should be fine. But its going to take quite some time to get the kitty and the dog trained to get along.

    2] Kittens do scratch furniture. Its something mostly all kittens do. My kitten doesn’t scratch my furniture. That’s because i trained her not to. So just tap your kitten or stray it with a little water whenever it scratched the furniture. And also get it a scratching post. It will lower the chances of them tearing up the furniture. And the scratching post’s aren’t expensive.

    3] Kittens are going to want to play. And some of their playing may be biting and scratching you and thats considered ruff housing. So until about 6-8 months, they are going to be ruff cause thats their way of playing. But if they start biting and scratching just tap them and firmly say “NO” and eventually they will know that that’s not a nice way to play.

    4] Sometimes they will cling to your shirt. But not always. I guess it just depends on the kitten and its mood.

    5] And i would suggest to buy scoop away. Its a great kitty litter. And all you have to do is just scoop out it’s “stuff” and throw if away. It never smells, As long as you scoop it 2-4 times a day (depending on how much your kitten goes to the bathroom) So yeah i would reccomend the scoop away litter!
    Good luck!

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    June 26, 2011 at 1:56 pm


    You should introduce your dogs to your cat very slowly first you should get a cloth and rub against your new kittens cheeks(that were their scent glands are) and place that cloth underneath your dog’s food bowl’s so the dogs can get used to the scent of the cat. Then you should get another cloth and rub it on the paws of both of your dogs and place the cloth underneath your cats food bowl so the cat can get used to the scent of your dogs. You should do this for about a week. Then have your cat and dog’s smell each other through a closed door everyday for about a week. If your dogs remain calm then your should crack the door and let them see each other (make sure your dogs are on a leash) do that for about 2 weeks. Then your can and dog’s should meet but make sure that your dog’s are on a leash just in case something happens. To answer your second question, provide the kitty with plenty of scratching posts. If that is not enough to stop your kitty from scratching your furniture then you should apply Fresh Kitty Furniture Protectors your furniture.Please DO NOT DECLAW your kitten, it’s a very painful surgery which amputates there toes. Now on to the third question, play with your kitten as much as you want. But once your kitten bites or scratches you it’s considered rough housing. If it happens simply say “ouch” and leave the room. Come back and play with your cat as soon at he or she relaxes.On to the fourth question,are you sure your holding the cats the correct way?Cats like to feel supported, so when you go to pick up your kitten place on hand on its chest and lift. use your other hand to scoop up its hind legs. If you don’t hold the legs the cat will scratch.About the automatic litter boxes, my cat does not have a problem with them. However some cats fear them so the do not use and go on the floor. I would recommend a regular open top litter box. The ones with the closed top make the cat feel trapped. You don’t have to dump out all the litter everyday just once a week. But be sure to scoop the litter box daily to prevent sink. Try not to use scented litter because some cats do not like it and will avoid using the litter box.To answer your final question, adult cat sleep about 18 hours a day and kittens sleep about 20 hours a day so your new kitten will have no trouble withe your schedule. However it would be a good idea to provide your kitten with some toy it can play with on its own such as pet stages cheese chase which can be found at a local petco store. I hope I have helped, best of luck to you. Taking care of a cat is a lot easier than taking care of a dog. If you do get one you should adopt a cat from a local shelter or humane society instead of buying from a pet store. GOOD LUCK

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    June 26, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    1 it would depnd on the cat and the dog

    2, buy it a scratching post, most cats adapt to it very quickly

    3. no i rough house with cats and none of them are aggressive, rough house with a dog and you will have a mean dog.

    4 it is normal, but you can clip the tips of their nail, make sure you do not clip the pink area of their nails as it could cause bleeding and you cant stop it if its a bad cut and they will bleed to death, a little blood just put baby powder on it,

    As far as the litter scoop it out twice a day, buy some arm and hammer litter box deodorizer which will be in pet aisle, it makes the whole house smell free of cat. Wash the litter box out once or every other week depending how messy she gets it. but being a small kitten you probably wont have to wash or change the litter as much now as you will when she gets older,
    DO NOT get her an automatic litter box right now let her get used to the normal box for awhile first, cause if you scare her with an automatic litter box it MAY scare to not use the box.

    Keep the kitten in your room with a few kitty toys, litter box food and water at first.

    If the kitten gets on your bed and she falls off she will be ok, all cats land on their feet when they fall off of anything.

    Good Luck and hope this helps coming from someone who’s had cats all her life :)..

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