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I am working on a product/service that will provide valuable patient information to doctors and aid in patient care, improved quality of life for patients, provide for better management of medication, etc. We would like to keep the service cost very reasonable and affordable …but would like to see about getting this service setup to be a service covered by insurance companies. Where do you start?

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    August 9, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    I’m not understanding what this is. Is this something you’re selling to a DOCTOR, but you want my insurance to cover the cost that you’re selling it to the doctor for? That’s never going to happen.

    In order to get insurance to cover it, it has to be ‘medically necessary’. You’ll have to get it past the experimental phase, before insurance companies will even consider it.

    Sounds like some kind of computer database tracking device, maybe tailored to each person. Even if it’s incredibly convenient, It’s NOT direct medicare care, and you’ll have a darned hard time EVER getting insurance to cover it.

    You START, by trying to market directly to doctors, give them free samples, to see how much their patients really like it. You need the doctors to create the market, unless you want to buy ad time on tv.

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