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I have a really low credit score coming from an unpaid loan from 2005 and I am struggling to find the finance for a car purchase. I have been turned down by even the likes of ACF Car Finance 🙁 I was recently accepted for a Capital One CC with a credit limit of £1,000 so it can’t be that bad but I am struggling to find finance. I really need a new car so that I can travel to work but there is no hope. I would ideally like to consolidate everything that I have, so that the defaults and ccj’s disappear from my credit report but without having to resolve to debt management or and IVA. I entered my details to an online broker and this in turn has escalated and made the problem worse as my details have been submitted to lots of lenders, in turn affecting my score. Has anyone got any suggestions on a lender rather than a broker who helps people like me? I earn enough money now to repay a loan back, but no one will give me the chance. Has anyone used a specific lender to consolidate their debts. Please only answer if you are based in the UK as I obviously can’t do much if you are based outside of the UK and suggest a company outside of England.


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    August 22, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Capital One is one of two credit card providers in the UK specializing in offering a facility to people with poor credit. You really need to handle your Capital One account account really well to improve your credit score for conventional lenders to accept you.
    The other credit card provider is Vanquis but they have no facility for handling your account online as Capital One do

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    Marguerett' Lampa
    August 22, 2011 at 8:31 am

    get more details ; open the second & fourth link on:

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