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Hello, I saw my husbad, my daughter and I with my mother. We work a lot and I need a maid and live-in caregivers, and potential drivers for it and my daughter found any info would be great. P.S. salary would be about 250 per week. and I live in IL

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    Sunny Flower
    May 26, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Your mom is lucky to have you and I am sure you feel blessed to have her in your lives!

    As you know being a family caregiver can be challenging. This is true whether you are a “live with your your elderly mom” caregiver or whether you are caring from “long-distance.” The first step is to find resources that might help you all “keep caring.”

    The first stop for information about resources that can help you and your mom is your local Area Agency on Aging serving the county where you live. These organizations know how to listen to seniors and their family members and can provide guidance and advice that may be of great help to you and your mom.You can call 1-800-677-1116 toll free to find out the phone number of your local Area Agency on Aging office. When you call your Area Agency office, ask for the person who provides “Information and Assistance” or “Help for Family Caregivers.” If you make this call, I am confident that you will find friendly and helpful people.

    When you talk with the folks at the Area Agency on Aging–you should also ask about services that might be available to you as a family caregiver. Also ask about available in-home services that may be needed for your mom now or in the future. These services are for the seniors’ benefit as well as for family caregivers like you.

    Sometimes these types of in-home services–like homemaker or attendant care services– are available on a “cost share” basis and the costs of services are based on the seniors’ income or assets. If your mom is very low income and has significant needs that puts her at risk of going to a nursing facility, you should ask the Area Agency on Aging folks if the state where you live has something called a “Medicaid waiver.” If your state has a Medicaid program that covers individuals with disabilities and or frail elders, there may be Medicaid funding to pay toward in-home care. State governments are coming to realize the importance of having in-home services–with the involvement and support of family caregivers–as an option in the funding of services needed by frail older Americans.

    Finding a attorney who specializes in public benefit or family law might also be advisable. Your mom, you and husband and other other family members will want to figure out arrangements for “powers of attorney” and have a “living will” in place –and throughly discussed — before an emergency arises. Your Area Agency on Aging would have information about these matters and/or would know how to connect you with professionals who specialize in this. Usually the Area Agency has “boiler plate” versions of these types of documents to get conversations in this sensitive area started. If your mom is low-income, the Area Agency may know of legal services that can help deal with these kinds of legal matters. If you and your mom aren’t low income, find an attorney who has a good reputation in this specialized area.

    If you call the Area Agency on Aging and like the help that you receive, please let your county elected officials know and tell your members of Congress. Area Agencies don’t have big budgets–in fact appropriations for most services funded under the Older Americans Act have not increased significantly in 25 years! You will not be charged for the information you receive, however, any financial contribution you might make for the time and assistance devoted to your situation would be very welcomed–and would go toward helping more of your older friends and neighbors and their caregivers.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for a great question and for caring! Best wishes and good luck to you, your mom and your entire family!

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    Alice S
    May 26, 2013 at 9:59 am

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