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The Beatles’ First
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The Beatles’ First

Compilation album by The Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan
Released April 1964
Recorded March–September 1961, Hamburg, Germany
Genre Rock and roll
Language English, German (“My Bonnie”)
Label Polydor
Producer Bert Kaempfert
Professional reviews
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Deluxe Edition

2004 Compact Disc re-released from Universal
The Beatles’ First is the first British packaging of the 1962 German album by Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers (a.k.a. The Beatles) called My Bonnie. It was recorded in Hamburg in 1961.

Contents [hide]
1 Release history
2 Track listing
2.1 Original LP
2.2 Deluxe Edition
3 Notes

[edit] Release history
The Beatles’ First was released in 1964 by German Polydor (catalogue numbers LPHM46432/SPLHM237632) and was available in the UK as an import. On 4 August 1967, Polydor officially released the album in the UK, but with a different sleeve and catalogue number 236-201.

In the US, the album was released under the title In the Beginning (Circa 1960) in 1970 (Polydor 24-4504.)

All subsequent releases of the Tony Sheridan/Beatles/Beat Brothers recordings are repackages of the same tracks.

This title is available in an expanded double CD set with bonus tracks which was issued by Universal Music on 12 June 2004. The main tracks are in stereo on the first CD and in mono on the second CD.

[edit] Track listing
[edit] Original LP
All vocals by Tony Sheridan unless otherwise indicated.

Side one
“Ain’t She Sweet” (Ager/Yellen) (vocal: John Lennon) – 2:10
“Cry for a Shadow” (George Harrison/John Lennon) (instrumental) – 2:22
“Let’s Dance” (Lee) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:32
“My Bonnie” (traditional) – 2:06
“Take Out Some Insurance On Me, Baby” (Hall/Singleton) – 2:52
“What’d I Say” (Ray Charles) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:37
Side two
“Sweet Georgia Brown” (Bernie, Casey, Pinkard) – 2:03
“The Saints” (traditional) – 3:19
“Ruby Baby” (Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:48
“Why” (Compton/Sheridan) – 2:55
“Nobody’s Child” (Cy Coben, Mel Foree) – 3:52
“Ya Ya” (Dorsey/Robinson) (by Tony Sheridan & The Beat Brothers) – 2:48
[edit] Deluxe Edition
Disc one – Stereo
“Ain’t She Sweet”

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