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I am 21 years old and I am legally Blind, wich prevents me from working or driving. I recieve SSI payments (under $ 600 a month) I dont want it to prevent from having my own nice home. I need to live close to my mother since she is my only transportation. I want to buy a small peice of land and put a small modular home on it. That would cost me about 90,000 and my income just wouldnt cover it. I dont want to spent my life in an apartment or a fixer upper. I desperately want a home i can be proud of!!! Does anyone know of any help out there for me? any info will be greatly appriciated. My disabillity has always held me back from the things I want. Now I need help to take a major step twords my future.

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    CiCi Elder
    August 30, 2011 at 12:31 am

    There are programs through Housing and Urban Development and through the US Department of Agriculture which can help with your down payment or with lower interest loans. You may be able to find information through their web sites at and or by calling your local offices for these agencies.
    If you are living with your mother and able to save a good portion of your income for now, perhaps you could also consider buying the lot first and paying for it before adding the home. However, I would strongly recommend that you contact the agencies above or any similar local agencies to get all of the help available to you.
    I am doing some searches for you. If I find anything more specific, I will let you know.
    Good luck!

    Added – HUD’s counseling contact page is
    USDA’s state office information page is

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