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I was forced to rent a house fast when my old rented house was foreclosed. After spending money to try to get some time because I have a lot of pets, and little money, and did not get paid for 30 days but the judge would not even let me wait until payday, because i hired a lawyer with what money i did have to get time. I was under the impression we were going to be able to pay to rent for 3 months. When we got to court, we found out that the attorney who said it was a go, THEIRS, now said nope client decided no. Yikes 21 days no money and no where to go. I got advance to rent. and actually found a huge yard that was fenced for my pets (in day) and had no problems with pets.
I now know why. The house was a historic old house the ad said.
What is was ,was not much better than a Dump. 2 weeks after I moved in, the landlord and his family of 5 , 2 diaper wearing under 4 and 1teen , mom and dad, and small dog moved a motor home, and moved in. did not ask or tell me. At first it was for a few weeks, Geez wht could i say. There had been a couple, living at the end of the driveway in a room with a dog. They were leaving he said. They did. He then rented that room to 2 adults two large dogs and two loud parrots. the dogs are big and can hurt my pets. The happy yard now is full of barky dogs and the cyclone fence allows the dogs to see them, Now they go out front into street. Stress!. One has been lost.
The reason these details are mentioned, is because in order to not have to pay to dump septic tank, he rerouted the bath sinks and washer for me and the washer dump for his diaper washer, and the kitchen and bath sinks to dump out 3.5 feet below my bedroom window. This is the only window he has not blocked with junk, literally he hauls and piks thru and leaves in little sort of tarped and sort of wood like crappy basic junk piles. the other windows have the other renters outdoor kitchen under a rotten wood leaky roof (outside) no windows or vent in bathrooms, and flys and dead rats have filled my house for weeks in summer comming out of tub drain. Okay there are water damage marks. I specifically asked him if this roof leaks. I know about mold. He assured me no leaks it was repaired. So one day the ceiling fan in the rear room whose window has his washer outside it and tarps and wood connecting to his trailer , fan falls off ceiling. no one in room it was not on. Under the fan is the sort of oilstain green dirty paint..I thought, I now know its mold. The entire ceiling I am sure is covered. The first rain came I have wter in the kitchen ceiling, leaks pouring on my few furnishings and shelves. cat dish areas. Then I notice the serious dust issue. This is not cat hair and normal dust,. This is 1.2 inch think dust on a lamp where there is no heat air vent near nor kitty couch etc. Its on top of a lamp in the front window that is not blocked, I became asthmatic or again first time in 15 years. To the point of inhailers inside of 6 months. When the frst rain leaked my man was hacking and coughing and thought he picked up a germ. He has gotten worse and was on antibiotics. I have green sinus infection and now several kitties are sick and unable to vocal and congested. ever sine the rain. the kitch had a large water bulge. The landlord who has been out of work since we moved here last march, said gee maybe you should move then because i cannot fix the roof. I know how bad mold is. I do not know if this little waste water under my only window that i can open or has any light comming in is making this a deadly urgent issue. We have always paid. There have been so many things we have to pay already, even though the money is there, bad credit and no real savings, has us kind of stuck. Code enforcement said the laws he violates of my rights are staggaring and very likely damages in a law suit. Wow , but you cant sue when there is no money. Code enforcement could fine him for the wastewater dumping, illegal rental structure tresspassing on my rental property. laundry list of compliance. But she said do not report him… If I do they will lock us all out in 24 hours. I will become literally homeless. There are NO shelters for me nor pets, no churches with rooms, no campsites, no emergency aid of any kind, and all of the resources were long ago done from the 20000 foreclosures in the last 12 months. There are hundreds of empty houses that cant get funding that need work. There are no people who would carry the down it is really desperate for a bad credit low or no downpayment people who can easily make a 500 a month house payment to own but are forcded to pay landlords who get 3 times that because a nice place credit checks and wil never say yes. All of that having been said, not even someone who is a victim and is sick, but can pay.The animal shelter is full and can kill in 3 days to make room ( I have so many because i rescued some from abandoned foreclosures fire storms,very young kittens in a box on a 107 degre

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    Common Tater
    July 18, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    I don’t believe I’ve ever read such a nightmare!

    There are few possible options I can think of…HUD, township relief, public assistance and Legal Aid.

    Unfortunately, there’s probably a waiting list for HUD, but there are exceptions that can get a person moved up on the list in emergency situations. From what you describe, you’d probably qualify – although I wouldn’t think about staying too attached to the pets if I were you. As cold-hearted as it sounds, they may be detrimental to HUD helping you. You’d have to choose between them living on the street or all of you living on the street.

    Legal Aid is provided by the state for people on public assistance or who has little or no income. Talk to them and explain your situation including the threats from your landlord. Ask what programs are available for people in your position.

    You might seek township relief to help with a down payment on a new place.

    Do you qualify for public assistance? This is yet another option.

    I truly hope things work out for you.

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