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I just have so many problems (challenges), credit card debt, foreclosure etc. I just want a new identity and start a new life. Are there any legal ways to accomplish that?

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    July 1, 2013 at 5:30 am

    haha no.

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    Anthony C.
    July 1, 2013 at 5:51 am

    On the face of it, there is a legal way to change your name. There is also a legal way to have some of your debts written off but I suspect that is as far as it goes. Starting a new life mayl mean that on the surface you can pretend to be someone else but would that really work? I suspect not.

    What you may need is a serious period of introspection and change. In spite of everything else, if you have reasonably good health (mental and physical), you can start all over again, but not by changing your identity, but changing who you are from the inside out; becoming a better you, so to speak.

    You may draw strength from a Texan I came in contact with many years ago. His name is Paul Meyer, and at the time, 1999, he was about 70 years old, owned approximately 40 separate businesses, and had retired a rich man. But it was not always like that. In a book chronicling his life (I inherited a Fortune), Mr. Meyer explained how he become very rich at appx 26 years old, selling life insurance in the state of Florida.

    He walked into his office one morning only to find that his employers had skipped town over-night in order to avoid a state Attorney investigation into the company he represented. Just like that, he lost his job. The biggest hurdle was yet to come though. Mr. Meyer could have folded his hands and look for another job, but he did one better. He knew that all the policy holders he sold insurance to, were out of pocket. There was nothing for them to collect. Mr. Meyer spent the next year going to all his clients and refunding them their money! It was not his responsibility, but it was the honorable thing to do.

    Because he had the right stuff on the inside, Paul was able to re-build his fortune. When I heard of him, I was living the in Cayman Islands, where Mr. Meyer had a home, a small yacht with his own Australian captain, and I believe he had a private jet as well. True story.

    When you have integrity, you can rise from anything! Vanishing may be feasible, but not honorable! I wish you well.

    Anthony C.

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