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i wil be 18 next year and i want to know what are the basics of renting an apartment? im saving money up and will soon be getting a job, what i would like to know is how much would water, heat and electric normally cost for one individual? Also can i rent without any credit history or credit cards, the reason i want to move out is because me and my dad dont get along at all. And when trying to look for one what should i be prepared for? what type of documents or papers should i have? and if someone can give me the steps they took to get an apartment or how should i start off? serious answers and answer everything please and thank you. P.s i live in ohio as well

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    March 5, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    you need enough money to pay a deposit and a months rent in advance. you need to sign a short hold tenancy agreement, for a 6th months assured let. how much things cost depends where you are living. if you have a bank account you can get a bank reference to show the land lord you haven’t been taking out loans and been in debt.

    i can tell you what i pay for a one-bed housing association flat in the UK (Bristol) but that’s not really going to tell you how much it would be to rent where you are! For bills i pay by direct debit, its cheaper to do it like that. I pay £32 for water / sewage rates, £13 for TV licence, £6 for content insurance, £65 for combined electric and gas and then £40 for phone land line, Cable TV basic package and broadband.

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