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First of all, I have good credit. I have no debts and I’ve never made a payment late. I recently got approved through USDA for a house loan but now their program is closed down…so I didn’t get my loan. And every bank I’ve gone to requires 3 lines of credit before they will approve someone. Or else they need a co-signer. Thats not an option for me and I only have 2 lines of credit. So what I’m wondering is are there any other programs or companies that will give loans without the 3 lines of credit open?

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    February 12, 2014 at 2:00 am

    Some lenders will take alternate lines like cell phone bill or cable. Check in with a mortgage broker and see if they know of any. Mortgage brokers have access to lots of banks and loan programs so they have a better chance of finding one right for you. Worst case, open a no annual fee credit card and try again in 12 months. Good luck!

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