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Me and my fiance are thinking of moving to Florida soon, I really like Clearwater but would like some more information about it and would also like to know how to go about finding houses for rent.

We live in Nashville right now and live in an apartment because we aren’t very certain about how to go about finding a house for rent. Can you go to a realtor or do we have to search for one and hope to find them?

Is clearwater a good area to live? What is the average cost of a one bedroom apartment/home rental there? Is there a lot of things to do (Ex; nightlife type things like shopping, places to hang out, beautiful areas aroung the beach; etc) We don’t drink or go to clubs but any fun places to hang out with friends (more or less like City Walk in Orlando) would be fantastic. We are both 20 years old and need a change. Is there a lot of hurricane activity, what is the weather mostly like there?

We are debating on a few places around Florida but want to narrow it down to some places that are close together so we won’t have to drive the whole state looking for a place to live.

Any information that you have on Clearwater or any other places around would be great! thank you!

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    February 3, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    I moved from that area to TN, and I suggest you contact the Greater Clearwater Chamber of Commerce for help. Their website is and they can give you recommendations on how to find a place. You might also consider staying in a motel for a few weeks so you can look for a house at leisure rather than long distance.

    You don’t have to drink to hang out at some of the night spots around town, especially over on the beach. That wasn’t my scene, so I can’t offer specifics except for Frenchy’s.

    The weather is almost always humid in Clearwater. It is a rare day when the humidity drops to 55% (as opposed to Nashville’s 31% humidity today at 2pm). You know how August feels in Nashville? Picture that for about 8 months a year. You do have to be prepared for hurricanes from June 1 through November 30, and watch the weather every night to see what is brewing. You also need to check on homeowners or renters insurance before you sign anything.

    One thing you need to realize is that Florida, and Clearwater especially, is full of senior citizens. And tourists. And spring breakers. And the whole state has been badly hit by the housing bust. Do NOT move there unless you have a job lined up.

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    February 3, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    Go on line and find a realtor in Clearwater. In February, Clearwater is rocking. The Phillies train there.

    The Real Estate companies charge the owner when you make a lease so they are always happy to help you and it costs you nothing. I lived in NJ and bought a condo in Miami Beach in 2009. I found a great realtor on line (Keyes Agency — they are all over Florida) and when I got there, she had a dozen places lined up to show me. I found one I loved the first day which means no hotel bills. I took pictures and asked her to mail me all the information (taxes, condo fees, recent repairs, condo documents including any discussion of major projects). I made an offer a week later and came back in 60 days to make settlement. I still live there and love it. It is right on the ocean.

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    Ron Stack, Author
    February 3, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Move where you can find employment, and find it before you move. Unemployent is the highest in the US in most of Florida and pay the lowest. Every place that is low rent is in or very near high crime areas. It doesn’t matter how nice the scenery if you are lying on the ground bleeding. Orlando has areas with gangs that will rob, stab or shoot you just as easily as say hello.

    The weather is hot and humid 7-9 months a year. You probably have more total “warm” days where you are now because Florida is a swamp and not warm, except 3 months in the winter, maybe.

    Over a 1000 people a day move to FL and over a 1000 people a day move back, many are young and leave dreams shattered, broke and battered. If you want to learn a hard life lesson while you’re young, go here to find some best places to live in Florida. Your chances of earning a living aren’t any better in these best places, but at least you will be safer.

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