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Alright so my family is pretty close. I live under my grandmothers name in her house with my grandparents , aunt and great aunt. Now my grandmother had 10 kids whose all lived in this house and even some other cousins of my other great aunts have been raised by my grandmother. Now its a new generation and here I am. I live in a very ghetto and urban part of NJ and its terrible just plain-face terrible. One of my neighbors….actually the whole left side of the block are drug-dealing, weed-smoking, baby-mothers and bums who gamble and drink and throw their cigarettes in our yard and let their dirty dogs run loose. Anyway, My family had this house for about 30 years a while after being forced out of our home in a better town due to construction and there’s shootings every other week at the corner , the school systems are terrible and I am just sooo fed up with everything. If the local government cared they would force the officials to do their jobs but are there any tips to afford moving out? Gramps was thinking of moving to Burlington , NJ where my Uncle Marc lives which is awesome and believe it or not I too have been looking for homes and i found one that is right next too a great high school and its just a dream! A dream from watching television and movies that include high school cheer-leading teams and regular lifestyles. It just forces you to think while in this situation. Have any tips on selling a home of this low equity? Also , NOT paying your current mortgage for 6 months in order to get down payment for your next home can’t be possible correct ? They won’t let you move if you’re in debt. Please answer reasonably. Thanks

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    July 7, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    You did not mention your job situation, are you working? Do you have income. Yes it is very hard to sell a home in a bad neighborhood. You may be able to rent it but will the renters be any good, most likely not. Mortgages are harder to come by but not impossible if you have a good job. First step someone with decent income has to go and talk to a loan officer to see what they qualify, it is free.

    No it would be stupid not to pay your mortgage for 6 months to save up for a down payment because you would never get a mortgage.

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    July 7, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    finish high school and then enlist in the military.

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