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They told me that they have to wait a certain time period incase the police recover the goods but the person I spoke with didn’t know how long that was. My son’s b-day is coming up in December and this will effect what he gets for his b-day (as far as if I’ve gotten to replace his stolen items yet). The robbery took place on Sept. 4th but it was a couple weeks later before I got the list of stolen items to the insurance company.

Probably not the correct category but I didn’t think it would really go into their suggested Cars & Transportation.

2 Thoughts on How long does it take to get a check for a theft claim on home-owner’s insurance?
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    February 11, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    Right category!!

    Usually it’s within 6 weeks of the paperwork being turned in. It’s pretty rare that items are recovered, though.

    Ask your adjuster, or ask your agent to call the adjuster and ask if they could just get this claim closed out before the beginning of the holiday season.

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    February 11, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Um…no…. you do NOT have to wait six weeks. !

    Depending on the fair claims handling act of your state…the insurer is required to provide payment to you once they have substantiated and documented your claim.

    In my state – they have 10 days after there is an agreement (stolen items…amount, etc). In a theft – you, as the insured, are required to submit a contents list (stolen items, age of item, price of item)…a proof of loss form…and PROOF of whatever it is you are claiming. Receipts, users manuals, boxes, remote controls etc. (Theives do not take remote controls, user manuals, etc)

    If you are not able to PROVE what you are claiming then you might have a harder time getting your claim settled quickly.

    Do they have to wait to see if the police department recovers the stolen items? NO.

    Here’s the deal…………….when you settle a claim with your insurance company you assign your right of subrogation to the insurance company. (that’s your right to collect from the at-fault people) Anything that you claim as stolen that they pay you for becomes SALVAGE (if recovered). When they settle the claim with you they are entitled to the salvage (if recovered).

    They will send a letter to the police department to protect their interest in the salvage. If anything IS recovered – it belongs to the insurance company.

    They can NOT with hold payment from you (if all obligations are fulfilled)………if they do? Report them to the Department of Insurance.

    I truly hope you get everything squared away and settled in time for your little guy’s birthday!



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