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Okay, we should at our house in the near future (28). My husband is using her loan to VA for the 2nd time. He was medically retired at the end of October 2010 and has a working week of 40 hours + one month after he has maintained and, since then. It is 80% behindert.Alles went well with the entire process of underwriting income is on Friday and told us Loan Officer “is not No, the VA has approved.” It makes no sense to us or our loan officers. So she did some research and found that the VA said no such thing, and it was actually subscribed to that topic had with my husband. Claims that my husband has purchased his new job is not long enough for Century 21 standards (which they say is between six months and one year) instead. But the VA said they had no problem with, and take into account the situation of each person, since no two are alike. [I should also mention that the first VA loan we had, we had by Century 21 for the discrepancy, and we never missed a payment and are always on time with our payments. m] ‘This virtually Underwritten its decision based on our loan officer called and asked him all day Friday Mix. So, our loan officer has taken action and asked if we would be comfortable with switching lenders (we are). {} And it is our another lender Loan Officer will contact you with the company, and they work by fax on all of our paper to see the new lender end Freitagnachmittag.Sie (new lender) on thuroughly and said they would leihen.Also essentially what our loan officer that we worked together with all groups so far told us that because we have all that much paperwork, inspections, evaluations did – everything – that it is now quite as fast as they can say about all these new funds to the seller ändern.Sie she wants the house now, we’ve all done and is doing for next Thursday {3} will würde.So March I suppose in all this, my question is, has there ever such a thing before, and it is possible to change lender like this and still be able to to tell pretty quickly here and how we have all the important things that we used in the past 30 days did, and our loan officer that we were all together to say at this point that the expenses that may be useful to change lenders, they have to take, as their “bank” or “the Fund is [I think that’s what they called]. She believes that the underwriting that we rejected in the final minute against my husband discriminatory, because he is handicapped, and because it did not work for more than six months and one year (though it should not he remained a civilian for 4 months and he has no job for 3 months, these four months I forgot ).*** concluded that the seller must agree to an extension he has already said that it wants to sell this house for us, he is [a new Habbe ].***

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    May 16, 2011 at 5:59 am

    I would definately not count on just a few days to change lenders, it could easily take weeks, especially because VA is involved. You really have no choice at this point, you have to change lenders, it is a matter of whether the seller will wait and grant you an extension of the contract.

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    Lisa L
    May 16, 2011 at 6:43 am

    With new laws that were put in place about a year ago you couldn’t close that soon even if everything is in place. From the time the new lender discloses & gets paperwork to you, you cannot close until the 8th day. Sunday doesn’t count as one of those days.

    The certificate of eligibility is probably the only form the old lender has that can be used. Possibly the Indebtedness form, too, but that will be up to the lender. The old mortgage company does not own the appraisal so you are good there. It is available to new lender online.

    I still don’t understand why people use a real estate agency’s mortgage company to make the largest purchase of their life. They will probably soon be a thing of the past with new changes coming about. That is a good thing. It could be perceived as a conflict of interest.

    VA only guarantees the loan, they do not purchase the loan. Therefore it is not up to VA to say what is OK with them. It is up to the investor that will purchase the loan to say what they will accept. This particular underwriter knew what the investor would accept & your scenario wasn’t it.

    Your agent was out of line saying she thinks your husband is being discriminated against. The other odd thing about that is that it is her company’s affiliate she is bad mouthing. I rest my case.

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