6 thoughts on “How good is a 603 credit score?

  1. courthouseblue42 says:

    It will be very hard to get a loan with that credit score. Due to it being low, lenders consider it high-risk and tend to not give out loans. To get good intrest rates like 7% your score would need to be closer to 700.

  2. Well you’d be charged higher interest rate than someone with a 700 credit score since it’s considered fair to poor credit. You’d probably be looking at 7.9% for a car loan, about the same or higher for a house.

  3. 7.5-8 % fixed

    you have to work on it thought if you give it 1 full year to fix your credit and establish better credit habits then you could see yourself in the 700’s

    right now people in the 700’s are getiing rates as low as 5.5% paying no or 1 point.

  4. Finance&WorkAtHomeSpecialist says:

    That is a fair score, below 600 is bad…Upper 600’s is average. So you have a lot of room for improvement

  5. latebreakfast says:

    Where did you get the score? If you didn’t get it from FICO, then it doesn’t even matter.
    FICO is having a 25% off sale right now thru April 30.
    This is the company mortgage companies use for seeing your score. All three credit reporting agencies normally 45.00 are only 34.00 during this sale. I highly recomend checking with FICO. (no, I don’t work for them, I just learned that spending money on any other scoring system is a waste)


    My son has a 601 score. He is always approved for credit cards. So, it really depends on what you’re trying to get.
    If you want to purchase a home, your score will have to be higher. Every lender I have spoken with want to see a score over 700.
    Use this handy score simulator to figure out what will bump your score up. I play around with it all the time and I find that is is always right on.

    If you do have credit, NEVER ever be late. This will only boost your score and your credit worthiness.

    If you have derogatories on your credit reports, pay them, or dispute them.
    Also, I recomend
    for the ultimate credit education.
    Good luck.

  6. Here is aricle that gives step by step to increase credit scores quick. Oh by the way if you are trying to get a house and you are not self employeed you can go FHA to buy ahouse. You will also get a good rate.

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