How do you stop companies from running your credit report and an inquiry?

I have some past due bills that date back 4yrs ago. ( I know I should have been more responsible) But I’m older now and matured and I am trying to repair my credit but these credit inquiries are not helping at all. It seems like everytime this company runs my credit my score decreases by 2 points. How do I stop that? Right now I can’t pay them because I’m still not able to financially. I don’t make enough. But I want to though I’m still recovering from the past hardship I experienced. So if anyone can help please let me know. Much Thanks!!
The account is closed but with normal procedures it went to a collection agency and from there I’m not sure where it’s at now or the status. It’s been 4yrs since I paid on it. It may have been charged off by now. I noticed my score decreased by 2 points when this company ran my credit.

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  1. It’s not the “pinging” of the credit that is hurting you. It the missed payment. The only way to get rid of them is to pay them. Call them and make a payment arrangement. If they don’t accept that, call a debt counceling service.

  2. If they are running your credit without your permission, then they are in violation of the law.

    Run your own credit report (this will not count as an inquiry) to see your history and who’s been pulling your credit. You can do this at for no charge.

    Then contact the credit agencies (Equifax, Experian, Trans Union) directly to dispute any incorrect or inaccurate information and unauthorized inquiries.

    Good luck.

  3. i lend 2 u says:

    these are unauthorized inquires and in order to stop them (and have the old ones removed) you have to contact the creditor in writing. once a response is received the response and a letter of explanation needs to be forwarded to the credit bureaus. i am a loan officer and sometimes work with an attorney who handles exactly this type of thing for my clients and gets great results (a letter from an attorney is much more powerful than one from a consumer) in raising credit scores. i’d be happy to refer him to you – feel free to email me and i’ll give you his contact information. good luck!

  4. What company is pulling your report? Are they pulling all three or just one?
    If you have an account with the company, they are within their legal rights to pull your report. Companies do that all the time and it’s called a “soft” inquiry. A soft pull is when a company checks your credit status to see if they want to raise your limit or lower (or raise!) your interest rate. Soft inquiries do not hurt your score. When other people pull your report [when you apply for credit], they will not see the soft pulls. Only you can see them.
    If you do not have an account with this company, it is not legal for them to pull your report without your permission. If you did fill out some paperwork to apply for credit and then changed your mind, you need to contact that company and make sure they understand that you are not interested. I don’t know why they would continue to pull your report periodically, but they are NOT supposed to do that.
    I hope that helps.

  5. The best thing to do is contact the last listed agency reporting it to your credit history. They will be able to tell you the status, as well as possibly arrange to settle for a much lower amount or set a payment plan. You should pay what you can……..even a dollar……..because then they will not report it as being delinquent. Good Luck

  6. Even if you send them 5.00 a month- it will show that you are paying your debt on your credit report.

  7. The credit report inquiry they are running, should be a soft check which does not affect your credit score. If they are running a hard check without your knowledge and consent they are in violation of the law. It is important for you to determine which type of check they are running. A 2 point increase/decrease can occur from month to month for nearly any reason (i.e., higher balance on credit cards, etc.)

  8. you need to call the credit bureaus and tell them who is running a credit check on you without your signature. We use all 3 credit bureaus where I work and we get suprise audits ocassionally and we better have a signature on every application that they ask to see or they will cancel our contract with them and that would put us out of business.

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