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I need to help my family, they are old, in debt and lack possibitlites. I can’t seem to be able to help them, I don’t have the necessary income. My family is in Ecuador. They are in serious debt: about 60000 dollars. This is all part of a series of unfortunate events. My mom got blind by retinitis pigmentosa and retired earlier, she can’t do anything by herself, other than talk on the phone to loan money from people in order to keep their head above the water. My dad got a bad kick of destiny and was declared an international felon 14 years ago and therefore died in civil rights: that is, he was prohibited to get a job or have any type of finances. He got a letter of innocence from the US government saying he was completely innocent, this was 14 years later. However, nobody wants to reward all the damage that this costed my family. This was the cause of their economical tragedy. I remember still when I was in my country that we had problems even to eat. Their credit is bad, because on top of things my mom got scamed by a lawyer who stole money from her and transfered the debt to a bank which prosecuted my mom as a debtor and now her credit score is below zero. So neither of them have access to loans. The truth is that my disabled mother got into serious debt in her efforts of sustaining the household, including the last two years of my highschool education. And the huge amount corresponds to the accrued debt to ‘loan sharks’ who are charging her for more than 10%. My dad, 61, can’t get a job now off course. I am an only child. I got the blessing of doing graduate studies in the US, after many many efforts, and i get a student stipend, but my stipend is not enough to send them the amount of money they need every month, I have gotten myself in debt to try to pay their bills and buy them food and give them interest money for the loan sharks but I can’t seem to be able to do anything significant and the situation is getting really bad and out of hand. I am litterally drowning and so are they. I can’t get such a big loan here in the US because I am a student. So I am desperate, I don’t know what to do.

2 Thoughts on how do i help my family who is in serious debt and is helpless?
  1. Jennifer
    October 28, 2011 at 2:50 am

    The best things is to start to buildup credit little by little.Now this will take awhile, about 1 year or two.But is totally worth it.Try making some extra money in your free time like selling cosmetics,sell on ebay.Or you also have the choice of getting a loan to bring your parents here to the U.S.

    Or personally: Now this is MY When I was in MAJOR debt.I started dating boys with a lot of money and guess what?They paid my $ 10,000.00 debt, and they also paid for my schooling.
    This sounds harsh (I KNOW).But guys will do anything just to have a pretty girl by their luck!

  2. My Take on It
    October 28, 2011 at 3:16 am

    I doubt there is anything you can do
    When you swim with loan sharks, you are going to get eaten

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