6 thoughts on “How do I find out my neighbors homeowners insurance company?

  1. File a small claims lawsuit against him. He’ll probably contact his insurance company himself when he gets served.

    Good luck.

  2. He’s not required to tell you – you’d have to sue him, and he’d have to make the decision to contact the insurance company to ask them to defend the lawsuit. Given the cost of a dog bite, he probably figures it isn’t cost effective to file the claim and if you sue him he would rather pay it out of pocket.

  3. Well, you CAN’T file a claim on his homeowners policy. It doesn’t work that way. His insurance company won’t even TALK to you.

    The only way you can find out his insurance company, is to ASK him. It’s private information, protected by the privacy laws.

    But as you can’t file a claim directly, it’s a moot point.

    You need to hire a lawyer, and sue him. At that point, either he’ll turn it over to his insurance, or he won’t. You’ll likely win the suit, and then he’ll have to pay, if he’s got the money. If not, you’ve got a judgement.

    I hope your daughter is ok.

  4. Sue the guy in small claims court. Then he will turn it over to his insurance company for help.

  5. i am in the insurance business. you can contact YOUR insurance co. and let them know what happened. this will get the ball rolling. they will interview you about what happened, so make sure you have all medical bills on record. they can reimburse you for any expenses that you have incurred. what they will do is subrogate those damages against your neighbor which basically means they will make him pay your insurance co back. he will either have to decide to go to court and pay it out of his own pocket which means that he will also need to higher an attorney, or, go ahead and file it is a claim and let the insurance companies handle it. they will probably go ahead and let the insurance companies handle it since this will save him money. if you are really needing your money back go ahead and call your insurance co and file a claim. the only downside is that it may take awhile for them to get this handled if they do not have a contact number for your neighbor. they will have to notify them via mail.

    you can always get an attourney but that could get costly and time consuming as well. i think going the insurance route is the better choice. every state has a department of insurance that you can contact as well. you can also call them and see what they recommend. good luck to you.

    by the way, filing this claim on your insurance co. should not count against you or affect your future premiums in a negative way.

  6. i hope your child is ok. did you call animal control? if not, you need to do this asap. you cannot get his insurance info due to privacy laws so the only way to find out is to ask him. best bet is you will need to sue him. since he did not want to file a claim and take care of this for you, my guess is he either does not have any insurance OR his insurance excludes for dog liability.

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