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I filed for chap 13, 2 years ago and still am paying it. However since my real estate tax has gone up, and insurance, my huge payment I make to the trustee will be what my new mortgage will be. I still have 2 more years left to pay, so it can possibly go up more.

During my Ch13 I got divorced and have joint custody of my son. As of right now my student loans from about 5 years ago are around 40,000. I was punching these numbers in on various websites, and found out that even if some how I could get an excellent intrest rate (which I doubt after ch13) I am looking at a payment of atleast 350.00+ a month.

I know that my loans are still in default status now, but if my utility bills stay the same, that would leave me with less then 40.00 a week for gas, groceries, emergencies, kid stuff.

I e-mailed my ch 13 lawyer and called him but have not heard back. Anyone that has any exp. with this please answer.

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