1 Thought on how can I settle household finance 2nd mortgage?
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    February 14, 2014 at 9:53 am

    ~~Start with your first mortgage. If they will approve you for a loan modification due to financial hardship then once you go through a 3 month trial on the new modification, then your second has to by law to do the same.

    You can do one of two things to begin with working with your first mtg holder. You can use http://www.naca.com a free service that will help you with the first only. Or you can try working with your firt mortgage holder your self. Most people find the NACA has much more creditability and getting the correct information that your first will need without the runaround. You can do it all online or go to one of the workshops. I know many people who used them and were able to keep their home. I also know others who worked directly with their own, once person had no trouble, the other a nightmare.

    However get started as the program by the government is still funded, but the new people coming into office do not want Americans to have this help, they are watchdogs for corporate profits, not the welfare of the people who were screwed over by the depression and dishonest loans made.~~

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