How can I raise my credit score from 572 to the 700’s?

I have two credit cards, I don’t have anything in my name outside of them, ex. mortgage, car. Should I charge stuff on my card and pay larger payment immediately after I charge items? Help me out, anyone who know!
thanks everyone, I appreciate your feedback

6 thoughts on “How can I raise my credit score from 572 to the 700’s?

  1. Change your debt to creidt ratio by paying down the card and keeping balance at zero. Ask your lender to raise your maximum. They won’t do this if you are maxed out BTW. The larger the difference is between the amount you could borrow, and the amount you typically borrow, the higher your creidt rating will be. That is besides the obvious, like never making late payments.

  2. Pay off any balances you have.
    Once that is under control, charge a small amount on one of the cards each month (say $ 50) and pay it off when the bill comes. Leave the other account open but don’t use it.
    Always make the payments on time.
    Don’t apply for more cards.
    Within 2-3 years, your rating should go way up.

  3. pay your cards to zero and buy a timeshare for some reason it worked

  4. Finish any and all bills you still have relating to your credit cards and other debts. Then charge a little on the accounts and pay in full each time so don’t go overboard and with time your score will go up. It may not occur overnight but it will get better.

  5. Get a small loan for 24 months and pay it back in 12.

  6. Pay off your car first. And raise your credit limit on your cards.
    If you don’t use your cards, they hold it against you, but pay them off each month.

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