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I have 1 revolving $ 1000 limit credit account with $ 0 owed 5 years old. I just got a Carson’s Card with a $ 2000 limit …I charged $ 500 to it and plan to pay off the balance when the bill comes. My average account age is 5 years ….oldest account history 8 years. No negative records. No real estate or auto loan debt. What can I do to get into the 760 range?

1 Thought on How can I go from a 736 credit score to a 760+?
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    January 2, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    Improving credit score follows the normal process and not the easy, quick way of improvement. The latter effort would most likely to backfire, therefore be careful with any schemes that claim to improve credit score fast. Making payments on time is still the biggest contributing factor to improve credit score as well as reducing the amount of debts owed.

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