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I have been with Verizon for 5 years since before my credit was ruined). I have an excellent record with them. Because of bad choices that my husband and I made, we lost our home and a ripple effect occured with several of our collateral items. I would like to change to AT&T and get the new iPhone. i make very good $ $ and pay my current bills (especially cell) in full and on time every month. I was told that if I applied directly, my deposit would be huge. Can I get around this? I would love to have AT&T service but it doesn’t seem to be attainable. I would switch from verizon (blackberry tour) in a heartbeat if I could). We are both working to repair our credit now, but it does take some time. Is their any way around this? Do any AT&T employees have any decent advice? We live in Northern California.
My previous situation is all taken care of. We had to file BK. Thats not the issue I am asking about. I only have 1 current bill and thats my cell phone bill.

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    July 4, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    There’s no way around the deposit unless you put the account in someone elses name.

    As a side note, this is the kind of thinking that got you in to bad credit in the first place. If your BB Tour works just fine, you don’t need an Iphone for more money. You pay your “current” bills on time, but what about all the ones that are in collections? You’re still in a bad spot, worry about the mess you’re already in instead of making it worse.

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