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I want to move back to my old home town. Spartanburg, where my friends and family all are. A few months ago my mom, sister, and I moved to a small town called Seneca. I hate it up here. Its just the most boring place ever to me. My mom keep’s saying I can move back to spartanburg but then she goes back and changes her mind.

I asked her the other day, if my grandmother say’s I can move with her can I? She said sure! I was so excited. I got my hopes up!! So then comes today, I was like so mom can I still move with my grandma? She was like, No. && then she say’s why don’t give this place a chance? But its like, people up here & not only the people but the place. Its so much different && I can’t stand it. I feel like an odd ball, I don’t fit in around here. The teenagers up here are so… Fast, Ugly [nohomo], && have a little too much mouth!! My mom say’s she doesn’t want to have to pay for my sister to go to an after school program. She makes over 3,000$ a month. My mom makes good money!! But she’s the cheapest thing in the world.
Wondering Why I want to move with my grandmother?
Only reason;; I want to move with my grandma. Is because she just bought her first house. && she’s so proud. && then on the other hand it’ll be some time for my grandma to get to know me better. We haven’t really got to bond or hang out in a while. I’m growing up!! So can someone tell me how to convince my mom?

Someone help!!

|When answering my question|
No rude, mean, obnoxious, or anything hurtful!
If you can’t say something nice, or give me a good answer.
I’d prefer you not to answer my question. Thank you!

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  1. bubblesofjoye
    November 4, 2011 at 2:07 am

    how old are you? i would make a presentation of all the good reasons why you should move back to your hometown, Not just because it is boring out there. Maybe if you keep mentioning that you’re missing your family and try to get your grandmother to talk to her about it.

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