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I’m 21, my bf is 23, been together 7 years. We are good people who work hard, pay our own bills, go to school, and we dont mind that we still live at home with our parents since it is expensive out there. We would love to get married after I finish school and start a family soon after. We know it takes hard work and money which is why we are saving up the best we can. Here is the crappy part…yesterday my bf’s younger brother who is 20 comes home and announces he is moving out with his girlfriend of 6 months into an apartment (that’s too soon if you ask me). His older (25 year old) gf makes good money as a manager at Best Buy and pays for EVERYTHING for him. She is an okay person, but I think she does little to encourage him to spend time with his family and work hard for himself. Not to mention, he also works at Best Buy and she is transferring to his store as a manager which could be trouble due to conflict of interest/subordination. His brother is in debt, very irresponsible with money/finances, and is obviously loving that his gf is paying for all of this. I think my BF is upset because he is the eldest in the family and envisioned himself as being the first to move out and start a life of his own. My bf works so hard to pay bills and put his family first and its hard for him to see his lazy brother ride on someone else’s coat tails and move out without a problem. I feel so bad for him…he is such a good and responsible person. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can encourage him and let him know his hard work will pay off over his brother’s hasty decision? Also, has anyone seen the outcome of a couple who moves in together that fast, esp if it’s a “sugar mama” type of relationship?

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    October 31, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    I think that she will eventually get sick of paying for everything for him, and then he will be left to fend for himself and he will probably end up having to move back home if he doesn’t have a well paying job. Right now, they are at a point in their relationship where it is new and exciting, but once that initial excitement passes, his girlfriend will probably realize that she’s not ready to fully support someone. I honestly believe that you and your boyfriend are on the right track. You guys have been together 7 years and you’ve got a plan to have kids, get married, and you pay your own bills That’s awesome! Your boyfriend should be proud that he is as sensible, proactive and mature as he is. His brother and his girlfriend jumped the gun, and they will probably pay for it later.

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    October 31, 2011 at 1:26 pm

    the best answer is to be there for him and continue to tell him to work hard and continue to save up…the way this recession is in this world people cant afford to just up and leave and i dont want yo guys to learn that the hard way.just keep working hard and do ya thang…it will pay off big time but he has to have patience…this recession is really hard and that alone should be his wake up call.

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