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i live in Michigan in the warren area and my parents have had a hard time paying bills for the house they bought 10 years ago. back then it was worth about 100k but now not even 25k and every month they pay close to 800 dollars a month. its been hard but now its even harder my dad is working but cant seem to make enough money to support all the bills we have and 2 months ago my mom fell at work and damaged her back and isn’t working for like 2 months now she has a herniated disk and cant work. she was making a lot more money then my dad and its been hard lately. anyone know any ways to help them out with the mortgage because its really hard on us and we have no idea what to do. is there any programs that can help or anything that can lower the monthly and overall payment for the house?
my parents and i would appreciate the help of someone that can help us out by letting us know what to do.
got a 30 year mortgage loan from BOA


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