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i had 2 large trees fall down. one hit my garage and bounced off (its made out of oak and 100 years old) its fine but the shingles are messed up some.

then they landed in my yard breaking my fence (almost half of it), breaking my exterior water heating piping thingy lol and my trim on a part of my house and my garage door.

i had the 2 trees removed for 750 dollars. i have estimates for the fence and other stuff. my deductable is 500. i took 22 pictures of the damage.

the tree company told me dealing with the insurance company is like dealing with the devil.

will they send me a check for the estimates or pay the contractors directly/??

please help

1 Thought on house insurance, a tree fell in my yard and damaged stuff, help plz?
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    August 30, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    You have to call your insurance company. Each one is different with their policies but I’ve never heard of one paying for estimates. They want to be sure you had the work done and that something really happened. So they need to send one of their adjusters out before they commit to anything.

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