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I am new to home embroidery and the book doesn’t tell you what you really need to know. Can you use white or other colors of thread in your bobbin, than from the top thread? Should your bobbin weight be different than the top thread? Whats the best thread to use? Tell me about Stablizer, best brand to use. I just don’t won’t to waste time and money buying the wrong items. I have a Baby Lock Ellure ESL. Baby Lock Company took all the good info off their site Manual, and other info on very little info. So I rely on the experienced public to guide me. Any Info will help. Even about buying pre wound bobbins should or shouldn’t. I just been reading alot.

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    August 10, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    It is just fine to use white as your bobbin thread color or black if you are embroidering on very dark colors. It is standard to use 40 weight embroidery thread and 60 weight bobbin thread. Using 40 weight for your bobbin thread makes your design too dense and depending on the design could start breaking needles. I am not familiar with your Babylock so I am unsure as to whether it is better to use pre-wound bobbins or self wind, so check with your dealer. Pre-wounds usually have more thread on them than self-wound. One of the things I have discovered about the best thread to use depends on what your machine prefers. I know that sounds weird but it is true and not all machines of the same brand like the same brand thread. Start off with your basic colors in one of the better known brands like Isacord and if it does okay without a lot of breakage then try the less expensive brands like Coats and Clark or Thread Delight. This is an expensive hobby and it is best to find a group to help answer your questions. Go to Yahoo!Groups and look for HookedOnEmbroidery or SewingNightOwls. You have to join the group but the people are good to help newbies and direct you to other good information and designs.

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