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Ok, I have several years of experience (8 years experience). Graduate of the University. With a degree in speech communication, business management and international business and also a diploma paralegal I worked as a paralegal, and when the economy tanked, as the company paralegal. Worked as a property manager for a little over a year and hate! Man I hate property management as easy absolutely miserable! Anyway, I thought assign to the insurance company and I think I want to get into the insurance industry, but certainly not sales, not insurance SALE, but they thought, within applications, and I’m open claims outside (But I do not think I want to catastrophic losses because you have to travel and do all those things) (certainly not independent claims SELF) I hate the insistence on the part of entrepreneurs, thought also, underwriting and I know there are also other areas of insurance that the Enter to domestic insurance companies, which do not go on the field … What other areas of insurance they are? I know, I like office work type, and that’s what I really think I want to. I’m not afraid of the “field work”, but not all the time. I also know for sure that I want to work for a company, and certainly not someone independent. I live in the Denver area and if someone comes through what can the Denver / suburban cat is in the insurance … But anyway, after looking a little help! Also, I know I will probably need an insurance license, but most insurance companies want to handle new way to train their staff and dealing with insurance companies and insurance companies in their specific way. So, instead of relying on a random course insurance, your license before it is set, it is probably better to get, hired and then they will put you through their own program license. Otherwise, I think if we do that, what is your license, an insurance company Insurance Random class think you want to be independent, rather than a law firm? Also, I’m not looking to sell insurance, but perhaps loans, drawing or something similar. What insurance license? What insurance license should, even if it is not sold assurances.Aussi I wonder whether there are classes of general insurance conditions not necessarily a license, but only in general, but not online, but the area in a classroom environment here in Denver, CO, in the could get the right direction?

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    October 5, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    You either want to work for a company as support staff – REALLY hard to get into – or for an AGENCY, also as support staff. Getting hired with a license with no experience, isn’t going to pay any more than getting hired with no license.

    And in most states, there’s no ‘licensing programs’. They’ll hand you a book to study, and expect you to pass the test.

    You don’t need a license to be an underwriter at an insurance company, but that’s the hardest job to get. You DO need an adjuster’s license to do claims. You’ll need a license to be a customer service rep, and talk to people about insurance and answer their questions.

    Look, the FIRST place to start, is at YOUR insurance agent’s office. Offer to take them out to lunch and quiz them on the business. Then, you’ll want to take a look at your state insurance department website – just browse around a bit.

    MOST of the jobs you’ll see locally, will be for CSR’s – customer service reps. Without three years licensed experience, it’s not going to pay well. But you’ve got to start SOMEWHERE.

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