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okay, so i’m going to fail an AP science class. how bad does that look on my record if i want to get into a competitive college? (i’m interested in medicine.) should i even take the AP exam in may (it’s next month)? which is better, not taking it and saving myself a low score or trying it?

and in your opinion, is my teacher operating his class the right way? my teacher bases our grades on nothing but tests and VERY few other assignments. (with hardly any extra credit, either.) i can understand his logic since he’s only trying to prepare us for the exam in may, but is he right to make tests his only measurement of our understanding?

i had a B last semester, but now i’ve got a 58% in his class. we’ve fallen behind in schedule, and now he’s trying to rush going through the chapters of our textbook. (he assigned us EIGHT thirty paged chapters to read and memorize ON OUR OWN in a week!)

what do i do? is he wrong or should i just suck it up and take the fail?

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    November 12, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    AP classes do have a lot of ground to cover – especially the sciences.
    Science classes in college also have a lot of work, and many do grade solely on tests. Some college classes will only have 3-4 tests and maybe a final exam. Some have more, or projects, but it is a type of class that you should get used to NOW, rather than failing when you are paying for it.
    Go ahead and take the AP exam, but do get some review books and pick up the pace. Study the exam and take practice tests.

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    November 13, 2011 at 12:21 am

    honestly, if you can’t pass an ap science class then you shouldn’t be a doctor. i’d be scared out of my mind if i learned that someone who could be entrusted with my life can’t even understand Hardy-Weinberg or something

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