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I just asked a few questions about the salaries of graduates of top culinary schools, and a lot of people seem to think that It would be wiser to just skip culinary school and start selling pies out of my basement or something. Based on what I’ve always heard, the vast, vast majority of home businesses fail, and usually after loosing a lot of money for the owner. Is there really a good reason to believe that starting a home business is a better idea than going to culinary school? I mean, you wouldn’t tell someone skip college and sell handmade wreaths. It seems like most of the well-intentioned people on answers, and friends, and relatives who have told me to start my own business, are speaking from their own desire to be self-employed. Anyway, I’m just ranting.
All I really want to know is, how much money you made from your business, how big of an investment it required, what tips do you have for beginners, and do you know where I can find some more (reliable) information?
How much related experience did you already have when you started your business? Did you have to hire employees? I’m very young and have absolutely no experience that might actually help me with this sort of thing. I’ve been an office assistant (who mostly answered phones and made coffee), a cashier, and a daycare worker. Even my mom thinks I should start a catering business, but she’s never owned a business either.
I should point out that I will still be going to culinary school no matter what, since I found a way to go to a very well respected culinary school for free, if everything works out. I’m just not sure I’d make more money catering from home than I would working my way up in a restaurant with a culinary school degree in hand.
Joe T (and anyone else who answers), there’s no reason not to tell me more about your earnings. What could happen? You make “enough”, enough to eat ramen noodles and keep a roof over your head (your own, not your parents) , or enough to out-earn a culinary school grad working at a restaurant. I just can’t compare the two without more info, but thanks anyway. I hope you succeed.

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    Joe T
    July 18, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Well I make enough, thats all that you need to know LOL. But as far your business you can start it with no training from school, but the question is how good are you at the service? If you feel you lack some skills go, and if you do have all the skills still go youmay learn something new!!!! But that does not mean you have to wait to complete school to start your business. Earn as you learn, thats my motto. I have several business projects I am working with that are doing quite well but I go to school to learn what I thought I knew or not and to become a master at what I do.

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