1 Thought on Has anyone qualified and BEEN APPROVED for Obama’s mortgage loan modification?
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    January 31, 2014 at 9:19 pm

    My niece in Florida is doing a modification under this plan. The bank is going to modify her mortgage from the $ 235,000 purchase price to current appraisal which is about 119,000. All she has to do is pay $ 775 for the next three months, (her original payment was close to $ 1900), and they will modify it for her. She got scammed by her real estate agent, who was trying to short sale her house to a relative. She told my niece she had to move out of the property, which she did Jan 2008. She just got a call a couple weeks ago from the agent saying she couldn’t sell the house and her contract was up.

    My niece called her mortgage company, who was surprise my niece was not longer living in the house, and they were the ones who told her the agent was trying to short sale to a relative (of the agent) who couldn’t get financing. They told her move back in, get the utilities back on in her name and make the three monthly payments of $ 775.

    The realtor also attempted to get a low ball appraisal on the house by dumping cola on the carpets in two of the bedrooms, removing and hiding a kitchen cabinet door and the linen closet door and removing all the faucets in the house.

    I told her she should report the agent to the Board of Realtors.

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