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Here’s the deal:

I was stuck in rush hour traffic on the way to work. I was in the slow lane, and I noticed this girl behind me who was keeping her eyes on her IPhone instead of the road. A couple of stop-and-go’s later, she rear-ends me, going approximately 10-15 mph.

We both take the next exit, and pull into a plaza. I inspect the damage on my car, and I was surprised to only find a little pencil eraser-sized puncture. She takes a look at it but doesn’t comment.

Now, I’ve been in my fair share of accidents, and I always wished that someone would give me a break, and let me cover repair costs without involving insurance. With this rattled young gal in front of me, I thought it would be a kind gesture if I just accepted payment without reporting the ordeal.

So, I extended the offer, and she graciously took it. I said I would get a quote on the damage from a body shop, and let her know. She said she was being paid next Thursday, and that I could contact her then. She wrote down her contact information on a piece of paper. This included her name, home address and cell phone number (which was verified by calling it at that instant). I also got her license plate number. Thirty minutes late for work, I bid her farewell and left.

I called her the following week, and it began as an amicable conversation. I revealed to her the quote, which was nearly $ 900. She begun to say it was only chipped paint.

(Upon closer examination, my bumper actually suffered from three small punctures and various stress fractures (under the clear coat) throughout the area of the bumper. But, she didn’t know that. It’s especially tough to see the cracks since my car is silver.)

Then, she began to go on and on about how she only makes $ 100 a week and that she could only offer that much to me because, after all, it’s only chipped paint. I told her that I was less concerned with the cosmetics but more concerned with any functional issues with the car that we cannot see.

With this, I told her that she could either try to pay me the full amount or go through insurance. She reiterated that she shouldn’t pay, so we agreed to go through insurance. She asked if we could exchange insurance information next week because she doesn’t have her car at the moment. I was leaving for a lil’ weekend trip in 30 minutes, so I agreed.

Just when I think the issue was settled, I’m met with another surprise. I call her the following week to exchange insurance information, and she doesn’t pick up. She texts me a couple of hours later saying that she’s at work. She also wrote that $ 100 should be enough for a paint scratch. I guess she’s trying to bargain again.

I text her back, saying that I’d like to call her to settle this. For the past three days, I told her I’d call at 1 o’clock on my lunch break, and she confirms that this is fine. And for the past three days, I reach her voicemail, only to be messaged later that she was driving or at work. Supposedly, she will call me on Monday to settle everything.

Now, I don’t have any confidence that our conversation will end well (if she even calls). With her name, address and license plate number, is there any way I could report her? In general, what should I do to be properly compensated?

Thanks in advance.

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