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When I was 15, in order to get back home to my mother/my friends/my home and away from my father (they were divorced), I stole my STEP-moms credit card, already had about $ 60 in allowance, called a cab from my high-school where my step-mom had just dropped me off, took the cab to the nearest airport, bought a one-way ticket from TX to FL and flew myself home with no one the wiser until I didn’t come home from school. (when i got to FL, i was scared my mom would be pretty mad, duh, so I didn’t go straight home when my plane landed. Checked myself in to a hotel, close to my house, using the same credit card of course. My mom found me there because my dad tracked me through the CC charges. Oh and this was in 1985, before airport security was what it is today, and wayy before identity theft.)

My mom had shipped me off to my dad’s in TX in the first place because of my “rebellious” ways… I was never asked for an I.D. and the airline personnel totally bought my story that I was flying to FL to meet my fiancee and my luggage had already been shipped ahead ( to explain my lack of luggage to check in and to make me seem older than my 15 years)

I read too many books as a child, as a result, my imagination was pretty, uh, imaginative…

So does anyone have any good stories like that when they were 15?
Jazzmine: haha. I haven’t found anyone with a story that tops that one, yet.

Aiobhin: Oh yeah, I got to stay in FL. (I was the opposite of timid, that is for sure)My dad was so pissed off at me, he didn’t talk to me for a year!! Oh well, I had kept telling them (mom and dad, while I was still in TX) that I was homesick and wanted to go home! I was failing all my classes, had made zero friends and was actually sick all the time from being home”sick”! I was miserable but they wouldn’t listen to me. Being a product of a divorced couple that lived in different states, I had grown up on airplanes (since I was 6 or 7) doing the summer and holiday shuffle back and forth from FL to TX…

Ricardo Ramirez: Huh?? What the H#@$ are you talking about?
Liam’s Mummy: sorry to hear that, but did you read my question? Your experience was not something YOU could control, or that YOU did. I’m looking for people’s GOOD stories of what crazy things they did as a teen. You had no control over some horrible psycho that hurt you.

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    Liam's Mummy
    July 24, 2011 at 3:15 am

    Not like that no

    But when I was 15 I was raped by my ex. I didnt tell the police until 3 years later becuase I was too scared. He got away with it due to lack of evidence!!!

    15 was not a very good age for me. Plus I was used for sex

    Edit yes I did read it, but I couldnt think of anything else sorry xx

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    July 24, 2011 at 3:30 am

    lol, that is awesome! I’m sorry, I don’t think anything can top that…

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    July 24, 2011 at 3:36 am

    No 0.o I was fairly timid as a child. So did you get to stay in Florida?

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    Ricardo e. Ramirez
    July 24, 2011 at 4:04 am

    look up a book called the good schizophrenic by ricardo ramirez with the real name ricardo e. ramirez as the author and you will never find it because people lie about me all the time because it has so many stories that tell what psychiatrists do to people with experience they want.

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    Nuggy :)
    July 24, 2011 at 4:50 am

    Never done anything like that, i’d be dead if i did. But when i was little (like 3 or 4) i would wake up in the middle of the night and go outside to play. When i was 5 i left kindergarten because i got tired of it (i walked down to my grandmas, she lived right down the street), and i would always make plans with my friends and never tell my mom until it was time for me to go to my friends. I think the worst thing i did was put vaseline all over my grandmas bathroom, then swallow her pills ( i was 4).

    So no, i didnt do anything too bad at 15, after getting in trouble for all that plus more, i decided i wasnt doing anymore big things to get in trouble.

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