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    Anyone do research for accountnowvisa.com website ? Is this website legit?
    Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

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    its a prepaid card, its just like a credit card you can use it anywhere.you can even have your paychecks directly deposited on the card. I have one and its great.

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    go to Bank of America… they have something like this… and student credit cards… yeah limit might suck.. but its a start… and … AND.. they also have pre-paid credit … which is great for building your credit back…

    ….hmmm… u still should check… i think my ‘info’ might be couple of years old… coz.. i needed it then.. .and im over it…

    anyways.. good luck…

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    Yes, they check your credit before for Pre-Approved applications. However, these forms of checks do NOT count against you. The only checks that count against you are those which are initiated when YOU seek credit.

    If you go to 10 stores seeking credit for, say a Sterio, those 10 hits counts against you. If 10 Credit Card companies purchase your credit history from a credit bureau for the purposes of soliciting credit arrangements with you, those hits do NOT count against you.

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    No. They are taking a shot in that you 1) will accept their offer, and 2) that your credit is good. You still have to fill out the application, and once they have your SSN, they will do a credit check on you. Once that is back, you will get a card with a certain limit. Check the notice. I’ll bet it says that you “qualify for UP TO $ xxxxx limit”. It’s the “up to” that gets you.

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    The card company’s do a check for prescreen offers on your credit. The credit check is not necessarily detrimental to your credit rating, and it is allowed by law for them to do so unless you opt-out on these offers. Same goes for insurance offers. You can go to the link below to opt-out if you choose to do so.

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    No they don’t. This is just a marketing tricks. I get pre approved cc everyday and its just a junk mail.

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    Not necessarily. I’ve gotten pre-approve notice and got declined after filling out the application before.

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