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    I use my Cap1 card mainly to guarantee car rentals (to avoid the hard pull that you often get by using a debit card), which I pay using my debit card upon return. I just returned a car to Budget which was guaranteed in the same way and had been extended three times, handed over the debit card as usual for the final charge and they accidentally still charged it to the Cap1.


    This would have pushed me over the low SL even with the existing zero balance, so I called Cap1 immediately to try to make a payment to avoid the card going over. The rep was unable to take a payment until the charge hit as the account had a zero balance, but said what he could do was try to increase the CL. After a hold he came back on and said he was increasing it from $750 to $1250 as the card was just over a year old and had a perfect record! I asked if this was temporary, and he said no, it’s permanent.


    Thanks Budget, I guess. I wouldn’t suggest this as a strategy as it’s probably just a good way to exceed your spend limit, but I’m happy with Cap1 today.

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