Would you consider leaving America if you had an EU Passport?

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      I’ve got one (mum’s from Ireland, that’s why), and I am about to buy a house and rent it out, and I have some other assets, but I like working remotely, independently, i.e., freelance translating, writing, editing, fact-checking and teaching online, but here in America, it’s hard getting good, affordable insurance with a pre-existing condition and a wife who also has a pre-existing condition. Would you do it, I mean, say, live in Malta or Spain or France or Denmark and work remotely and get your health insurance through the national plan? It sounds like an option. In America, I am only finding traditional office jobs that offer medical benefits. Would be nice to be able to set my own hours and not worry about benefits. I want to work, and work hard, but not the traditional office grind that my friends have. Besides, I also enjoy having long European vacations and not the two-week raw deal that so many Americans get.

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