Would I be mad to buy a house in the uk at the moment? (FTB)?

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home Would I be mad to buy a house in the uk at the moment? (FTB)?

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    Wanna buy a house but am I gonn alose all my money if I do? I have 20,000 deposit.

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    no id say now is a good time to buy when the house prices are dropping as long as you can get a mortgage

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    Most mortgage lenders are asking for a 10% deposit so with your ?20,000 you should be able to afford a house at ?200,000. At the moment you can negotiate about 5-10% off the asking price of a house so you could try and buy a house that is one the market at ?220,000 or barter for one on at ?200,000 down to ?180,000 thus saving money on your mortgage. You will not be able to do this if the market changes and prices start to go up again. So buy now as FTB’s are like gold dust, offer on a few houses, don’t increase the offer, and wait for them to take the offer, it may take a few weeks but hold out for the best deal.

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    Everyone is entitled to one free credit report each year. http://www.annualcreditreport.com is the site where you can get your annual credit check for free.

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    Like everyone, you have many credit scores. A credit score is any number that someone decides to call a credit score. For example, if I decide that a “stephenweinstein” credit score is the number of letters is person’s name, then it is.

    You can check one of your many credit scores for free at if you want. However, that score is used only by that website, and not by any lenders, so I am not sure what use you would have for it.

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    yes, this site gives you Free Score, no string attach, I’ve used this site for 2 years, and never pay a dime:

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    http://www.creditkarma.com/ will pull information from TrasUnion and calculate a score.

    Visit . This is the only free credit report site. You can get copies of your credit report for free, however you must pay for your scores. They are about $ 7 each.

    You can also get your score from .

    Any other site is a scam or an estimate (not your real score).

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    No. You always have to pay for your real credit score.

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    Yes you can check your credit score online, and can avail a free trial for it.

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    unfortunately, even your credit score has become an industry and you won’t be able to check it without paying up. you are entitled to a credit report, which shows your credit history and where any trouble spots might be, but it won’t show your credit score. i think the companies that keep track of your credit are required to provide a copy to you annually upon request, but i’m not sure. i know they have to provide a copy to you any time you are turned down for credit because of a report they submitted, which is why you get a letter from whoever turns you down stating what company they used. still, no credit score unless you pay. it’s a racket

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    The only score that counts is your FICO score. These can be purchased here:

    Before you purchase, google “fico discount codes” You can save at least $ 5 each.

    Please note…Experian does NOT sell consumers (us) their FICO scores since Feb 09. We can only get TransUnion & Equifax & just assume that Experian is lowest.

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