Would a housing association buy my home and move me into something bigger?

Tips and Deals Forums Buying Your Home Would a housing association buy my home and move me into something bigger?

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      I have a 2 bedroom house, and need a 3 bedroom one. I wondered if there were any housing association or organisations in the UK that would help you in that sort of situation?

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      I am not sure they can move you into something bigger but you can make a home swap and that way then you might get something bigger but HA can by your home if they are requiring one. They will look at the condition of it. If not in a good state you might get an offer for something similar or smaller but not bigger as far as I am aware but this was years back, not sure whether things have changed and my answer is based on friend’s knowledge.

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      I don’t know of one that gives your score for free. You can get one free report from each of the three reporting agencies at

      This is a legitimate site, but they do try to upgrade you to paid services.

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      Each credit bureau has a free site:

      These are their own scores, not the Fi co score that banks use.

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      Major lenders like FHA do not go by the score.
      They view your reports in detail and make their own decisions.
      So sweat the reports and not the scores.
      View your reports once a year at annual credit report. com
      If you know how to maintain and keep perfect credit there is very little need for scores.

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      The FDIC closed Washington Mutual (not because of this) and Chase never offered the service. The reason that it is no longer available is because Washington Mutual is no longer around to offer it.

      You can get a score for free at but that score is used only by that site; it is not the score that matters.

      You can also pay for a score.

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      I read from several members on myFICO forums that their WaMu used to give them their FICO’s…they were all pretty ticked that they cannot get them any more. I would be too!!!

      There are no free FICO scores. If it doesn’t have the FICO logo, it’s a fake score that no lenders ever use….EVER!

      You can buy your FICO scores here —>

      Before you buy them, go here —-> You will see several FICO discount codes for 30% off your scores.

      Use the discount code from the creditboards link on the myFICO site. You can get your Equifax & Trans Union scores for just over $ 10 each. Experian does NOT sell our FICO scores to us any more and any EX score you buy anywhere is a fake score.

      If going to a mortgage lender, their Tri-Merge report they pull has your EX FICO, so be sure to request they email you a copy.

      Keep that creditboards link as the discount codes update all the time.

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